Police Department

607-722-1255 - Non-emergency
Emergency Dial 911

The port Dickinson Police department is a full service, 24-hour-a-day
community oriented police department. Our history of concentrated law
enforcement has made us a model for community oriented policing.

Department of Public Works


The Village Department of Public Works has two full time employees and
their jobs are to maintain the village streets by snow plowing and sanding
in the winter, normal road maintenance (patching, etc.), leaf and lwan debris
pickup, parks maintenance, water and sewer maintenance.

Yard Waste Pickup- Lawn debris pickup begins the first Tuesday in
April (weather permitting) and continues until the Leaf Pickup begins in
approximately Mid October of each year. All debris must be in containers
(Max. 50 lbs.). Branches must be tied in 4 foot (Max.) lengths. No Trash
or Plastic bags. Place containers and/or bundles between the sidewalk and
the curb for pickup.

Code Enforcement & Building Inspection


Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspectors are here to help you,
and when there is a problem, will do their best to help in any way they
can. Along with new construction, various types of upgrades, alterations
and other home repairs require a building perpit. Contact the Code
Enforment Officer to find out if your project will require a building
permit prior to starting work.

Fire Department

607-771-8233 Non-emergency
Emergency Dial 911

The village volunteer fire department continues to provide fire suppression
and other emergency actions when ever called upon. The fire department
is always looking for new members to bolster their ranks. If you wish information
on becoming a member, call the number above. Your name and
number will be given to a member of the fire department who will contact
you to provide the answers you are looking for. The officers of the fire department
are not appointed by the Village Board, but rather elected by the
members of the fire department. The current fire chief is Michael Scott.